Seasonal Wool Dryer Balls


🌎 About this item: 

  • more energy efficient as the balls reduce the drying time
  • reduces static as dryer loads tumble
  • naturally softens fabric
  • chemical free
  • plastic free

💧 How to use:  The dryer balls need room to work properly - don't stuff your dryer too full. Use between 2-4 balls depending on your load size. Both colors, white and grey, work equally fine with any color. Made to last approximately 1,000 drying cycles.

  • Pro tip: Put a few drops of essential oil (Lavender, Peppermint, etc.) on the balls to help your clothes smell nice. **Do not dry on high heat when using essential oils**

♻️ End of life: The dryer balls can be added to the compost, but better yet re-used in different ways. Put some essential oils on them and place them in a drawer or closet to scent your linens and clothes.

⭐ Ingredients: Wool

Type: Laundry

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