How it Started

Our story begins with Jenn & Jenny, best friends brought together through music and a passion for sustainable living.  Hailing from Maryland and Ohio we used technology to build Refil Goodness, as we manifested our dream to help reduce single use plastic and pollution in our communities.  When developing our operational procedures and vendor relationships, we leaned on the strong influences in our lives, who taught us many of the sustainable practices we follow today.  From composting to DIYs, we have incorporated family recipes, tips and tricks into the business you see today.  Refilling and making sustainable swaps with us takes the guess work out of plastic free living.  We are filled with joy knowing we can share the goodness we have found with you!

Our mission is to make plastic free and refilling simple by offering low-waste alternatives for all your household needs. Eliminating one's dependence on plastic packaging is made easy by offering choices on how to source everyday essentials. We offer bulk refills and minimally packaged products with an emphasis on small batch, locally made products, combined with consumer education. We strive to offer products that showcase local and regional companies whose missions are aligned with ours.  When you look around our shops, you will see the care we have taken to reduce our own footprint, while simulatenously building up the small businesses in our respective communities. We are passionate about living consciously and are excited to be your resource for the refilling and plastic free journey ahead.


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Introducing our incredible team at Refill Goodness


Jenn Szalkowski


The creative of the group, Jenn finds a way to repurpose everything from milk containers to keg-erators to reduce waste. Her friends know to refuse single-use straws and glowsticks at shows. Her goal is to leave the planet better than before and offer a solution for anyone in the Cleveland community.


Jenny Vedrani


Mom of 4 plus 3 pets, nonstop refiller, environmental activist and key note speaker, Jenny is a mover and shaker.  When not at the shop, she spends her time out on the Chesapeake Bay convincing boaters to minimize waste and protect the Bay and surrounding Rivers she loves so much.  Spend time with Jenny and you will see Swedish Dish Clothes in her car, purse, bathroom, laundry, kitchen and boat. She also obsesses over our Carrot and Honey soap. 


Rechelle Ray

Digital Marketing Director

Rechelle provides content creation for our online platforms, email marketing, customer service, blog writing, website updates and product research. She believes eco-friendly living needs to become the new norm so our planet can thrive for generations. FAVE PRODUCTS: Food huggers, dryer balls, refillable laundry soap and Ziptop silicone containers


Nicole Morino

Cleveland Team Member

Nicole was our first hired on member of Refill Goodness. Her superpower is connecting with customers and she continues to lend a hand at markets when needed.


Courtney Leigh

Maryland Team Member

A true environmental activist, Courtney has been our biggest cheerleader since our Maryland location opened.  Find her at the shop once a month!


Katie Foster

Maryland Team Member

Our organizational guru, Katie keeps our markets flowing with her amazing personality and know-how.  Visit her at Wildberry, Catonsville, and Crofton.

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