Reusable Bamboo Silicone Swabs

Bamboo Switch

🌎About this item: Say goodbye to single use ear swabs and hello to reusable ear buds! Ear buds are made with a bamboo handle and silicone tips you can use, wash & reuse! Comes with 4 different tips. Ear Buds are placed in individual slots in a bamboo container held together with a magnet on each end.

Case is perfect size for any pocket, purse, travel bag, ect! 4.25" Length 1.25" Width .75" Height

💧 How to use:  Use in place of traditional disposable ear swabs. Clean with gentle soap and water and allow to air dry. Do not insert ear bud into ear canal, no matter how good it may feel!

♻️ End of life:  Intended to be a long term swap. Bamboo can be composted after silicone tips are removed and discarded.

⭐️ Packaging:  Recycle cardboard packaging and enjoy your new ear buds!

Type: Body Care

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