Menstrual Cup

Lena Cup

🌎 About this item: Say goodbye to tampons that are filled with chemicals and create a massive load of trash. Switching to Lena Cup saves you money and keeps tampons out of landfill. Lena Cup was voted #1 beginner cup and is made completely in the USA. Cup can be worn for over 12 hours and is bell-shaped for perfect fit.

  • Pink Small: For first time cup users. Light to heavy flow. Holds 25 mL
  • Turquoise Large: Experienced cup users. Very heavy flow. Holds 30 mL
  • *NEW* Sensitive Small: Ideal for individuals with sensitive anatomies, especially more sensitive bladders. Made with a softer silicone, it is ideal for light to heavy flows and perfect for first time users.

💧 How to use: Fold your cup into a C-shape and insert. Release and let it open. Feel at the base and check for folds. If there are folds, gently twist until secure. You can test the suction by giving a light pull to check security. Inserted like a tampon, Lena sits comfortably inside of your vagina. When inserted correctly, your cup seals gently to your vaginal walls and moves with you thoughout the day. There should be no sensation of the cup or stem.

How to remove: Pinch the base and give a gentle pull at the base or the stem. Dump blood and give it a rinse before inserting again. 

How to clean: Clean with water-based natural soap to not harm the composition of the silicone. We also boil ours in water at the end of our cycle for 5-7 minutes.

Additional information: Have other concerns and questions? Send us a DM as the Refill Goodness team are cup users or check out Lena's FAQ here.

♻️  End of life: Lena should last you up to 10 years. If not, return to Refill Goodness for recycling.

⭐  Packaging: 100% medical grade silicone and packaging can be recycled.


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