Green Drinks at Refill Goodnesss

Refill Goodness

Come join us on November 8th to celebrate 2 years in our beautiful Stevensville location. To make it fun, we are combining Green Drinks with our anniversary bash.
What to expect:
-A brief introduction to refilling, our bottle reuse program, and the benefits to our beloved Chesapeake Bay.
-A signature Green Drink
-An overview of PFQAC's ongoing programs
Who it benefits?
-Your donation will benefit Plastic Free QAC and their many efforts to protect our county.
What is Green Drinks? You may be surprised to learn that this international event typically happens in 223 cities every month! The New York City chapter is the biggest in the world, with an invite list topping 10,000 people and typical attendance in the hundreds. Green Drinks events are also popular in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Chile, Puerto Rico and Australia. Melbourne, Australia currently holds the record for the world’s biggest Green Drinks event, with more than 1,700 participants showing up on the first night of the city’s February 2007 Sustainable Living Festival.

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