Full of Goodness Set

Refill Goodness

This set is perfect for starting your journey to low waste living.  We've put together all the essentials and the swaps that work best.  Kitchen, Bath, Laundry and Body Care - we cover it all. This box has a value of $98 dollars!

If you'd like your gift wrapped, upgrade to furoshiki wrapping. We will wrap your gift set in gift wrap cloth you can keep and continue to reuse!

This gift set can be shipped via mail.

    • Greener Clean toilet tabs- 4 pack
    • Beeswax Wrap
    • Wool Dryer Balls- 3 pack
    • Cutlery set
    • Toothpaste tabs- one week
    • Toothbrush
    • Swedish dish cloth
    • Produce bag
    • Zip top- snack size
    • Toilet scrubber
    • Bottle brush
    • Scrub brush with handle
    • Dish block
    • Bee basic soap

    Type: Accessories

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