Castile Soap

Mama Suds

🌎About this item:  Castile Soap is an incredibly versatile all-purpose cleaning soap. It has hundreds of uses but we especially love it for bathing, face cleansing, hand-washing, floors, dishes, counters, and toilets.

💧 How to use:  

  • To wash baby, child, adult, and pet use like regular liquid soap for body and hands (just watch your eyes)
  • To clean floors, counters, tubs, walls: 1-2 tablespoons to one gallon of hot water 
  • To clean toilets: sprinkle baking soda in and scrub, flush. Pour 1/2 tablespoon of soap into the bowl, scrub, then flush

♻️ End of life:  Bring back to use and refill away.

⭐️ Ingredients:  Distilled water and potassium olivate (saponified olive oil), pure essential oils (in scented variants)

Refill Price is $.40 per ounce.  Please contact us at to order additional sizes or request refill pricing.

Type: Cleaner

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