Pirate's Booty

Refill Goodness

🌎About this item:  Boating has come a long way and boat owners want items that will help them protect the water to the fullest! 

Includes: For the Head - Refillable Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash, Bar Soap, Toothpaste tablets; For the Galley - Refillable Hand and Dish Soap, Countertop Cleaner, Swedish Dish Cloths and Pop-Up Sponges  

♻️ End of life:  Each item in this set is compostable and refillable!

⭐️ Packaging:  Comes in a canvas bag which is also perfect for your grocery shopping needs. 

Customization available.  Please email jenny@refillgoodness.com

Type: Gift

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