Anchor's Away Boat Basket

Refill Goodness

🌎About this item:  Gift giving has come a long way and the new boat owner in your life want items that will help them enjoy their boat to the fullest!  This basket is the perfect way to thank your customers or thank yourself for making your dreams come true!

♻️ End of life:  Each item in this set is compostable and refillable!

⭐️ Packaging:  Comes in a canvas bag which is also perfect for your grocery shopping needs. 

Each Basket Contains: 1 roll of Un-Paper Towels, 1 Swedish Dish Cloth, 1 Set of Zip Top Bags, 1 Set Bamboo Cooking Utensils, 1 Pack of Laundry Sheets, 1 Bar Soap and 1 Soap Lift and a Sunscreen Tin.

Customization available.  Please email

Type: Gift

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