Toothpaste Tabs


🌎About this item: You brush your teeth each and every day. Once your toothpaste tube is finished, it’s thrown into the garbage without a second thought. Change tablets are just like paste, without the waste—helping your teeth feel naturally clean, fresh, and prepared for anything that your day has in store.

💧 How to use: Choose from Spearmint, Cinnamon or Bubblegum. Pop a tablet in your mouth, bite down a couple times and brush with a wet toothbrush. Make sure to store sealed in a waterproof container to prevent moisture and keep fresh. Trust us, you do not want to get them wet.

♻️ End of life: This is a bulk item and will be packaged in a brown paper bag, unless a glass jar is purchased with order.  Please email for additional sizes and refill purchases.

⭐ Ingredients: For a full list visit 


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Type: Body Care

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