Hound Hose Pet Toys

Pack Strap

🌎About this item: Finally your pet has met it's match with this durable, upcycled toy. Made from discarded fire hose, meticulously cleaned and reinvented into a playtime favorite for your dog or cat.

*Rope color will vary. Message us to see which colors are currently in stocked.*

💧 How to use: Perfect for tug of war with your pup. Cat Attack can be hung from a doorknob or enjoyed on the floor.

♻️ End of life: Intended to live a long and happy life for your pet. If fraying occurs, simply cut string and melt with a lighter.

⭐️ Ingredients: Recycled fire hose and rope, non-toxic Ink, poly-fill. Cat Attack toy contains catnip. Created by PacStrap LLC in Ohio.

Type: Unknown Type

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