Baby Soap

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve

ūüĆéAbout this item:¬†This unscented, natural baby soap is the perfect marriage of goat milk, organic oat flour & honey. Soothing, extra gentle and moisturizing, our baby soap is an excellent choice for babies and folks with sensitive or dry skin.

ūüíß How to use: Lather up your baby (or those with sensitive skin) rinse thoroughly.

‚≠źÔłŹ Ingredients:¬†Organic Sunflower Oil,¬†Organic Coconut Oil,¬†Organic Palm Oil (Sustainable),¬†Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,¬†Goat Milk,¬†Organic Virgin Shea Butter,¬†Sodium Hydroxide,¬†Organic Cocoa Butter,¬†Water,¬†Organic Canola Oil,¬†Organic Castor Bean Oil,¬†Organic Oat Flour,¬†Organic Honey,¬†Organic Cornstarch,¬†Organic Rosemary Oil Extract¬†

Type: Baby & Kids

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