Scrubbing Paste

Greener Clean Design

🌎About this item: This scrubbing paste is the perfect addition to your zero waste cleaning products! Made from all natural ingredients including sustainably sourced coconut oil based glycerin.  Baking soda helps to scrub away dirt and soap scum, castile soap and glycerin help to break down dirt and lavender oil helps to kill germs and bacteria. Lavender scent.

💧 How to use:  Just a small amount on a damp sponge is enough to clean your sink, tub or shower! To use scoop a small amount out of jar using a damp sponge. Scrub your sink, tub or shower and then rinse thoroughly.

♻️ End of life: This is a bulk refill item and will be delivered in a Refill Goodness Reusable Container that can be refilled, returned or recycled.

⭐ Ingredients: Made in Ohio at Greener Clean Designs. 

  • Baking soda, glycerin, castile soap, lavender oil

Refill price is $1.00/oz. Please email for additional sizes and refill purchases.

Type: Cleaner

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