Vegan Wood Conditioner

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🌎About this item: Wood conditioner keeps wood products protected, treated and ready for use. Great for wooden spoons, cutlery, soap dishes, cutting boards and furniture. Conditioner is made with all organic and natural ingredients. 

💧 How to use: Rub into your wooden item in a circular motion with a lint free cloth. Let the conditioner sit for about 10 minutes. Use the cloth to buff the excess conditioner off the wood. If water stays beaded when testing, then your goodness is protected!

♻️ End of life: This is a bulk refill item that comes without packaging to dispose of. Simply refill when empty!

⭐ Ingredients: Made in Akron, Ohio

  • Organic Walnut Oil, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Candelilla Vegan Wax, Organic Orange Essential Oil.


Refill pricing is $4.00 per ounce.  Please email us at to purchase additional sizes or refill options.

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