Sonoran Soy Candle

Sonoran Essentials

🌎About this item: Sonoran Essentials creates hand poured, soy candles. 

Scent selection:

*NEW* Ritual- dark amethyst + patchouli

*NEW* Snuff- tobacco + vanilla

Day Tripper- lavender + smoked tonka

Horchata- vanilla + cinnamon

Monsoon- dirt + desert rain

Peyote- cactus blossom + white tea

Slayer- dragon's blood (sweet + spicy with earthy notes).

Magick- amberwood moss

Spellbook- leather + crackling fire

Canyon- fig + clove

Churro- sugar + honey + almond

Russet- autumn spice

Palo Verde- aloe + ylang ylang

💧 How to use: 4 oz candles burn for approx 15-20 hours. 8 oz candles burn for approx 40 hours.

♻️ End of life: Candles come in aluminum tins. Reuse in your home or return to Refill Goodness. Sonoran Essentials takes the tins back to make more candles! This is a closed-loop system, where less resources are used and less ends up in landfill.

⭐ Ingredients: Created by Sonoran Essentials. All candles are hand poured, plant-based soy wax with clean fragrance and essential oils. Wicks are a 100% cotton woven with paper. 


Type: Unknown Type

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