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šŸŒŽAbout this item:Ā Finally an eco-friendly shampoo that also conditions your hair. The ingredients in STEM shampoo bars are derived from natural sources and chosen because of their gentle cleansing and conditioning properties. It is safe to use on color-treated hair. You will experience a rich foamy lather as you simply run the bar over your hair while in the shower. Unlike similar natural shampoo bars, your hair will not need to go through an adjustment period, nor will you need a cider rinse to complete your hair care routine. Each bar will last 60-70 washes and eliminate 2-3 plastic bottles.

Normal hair scent is Rosemary/Peppermint. Dry hair scent is Lavender/Geranium. Oily hair scent is Lemon/Juniper.

Size: 2 oz bar

šŸ’§ How to use: Lather in your hands, apply to hair and suds into a frothy lather. Rinse thoroughly. Best to store your shampoo bar on a draining soap dish, out of contact with water/steam.Ā 

ā™»ļø End of life: The cardboard wrapper can be recycled. The bar will be used till it's gone with nothing to dispose of. Replace as necessary.

ā­ Ingredients: Made in Ohio at STEM Soaps.

  • Sodium Cocoyl IsethionateĀ - Derived from Coconut oil helps water cling to dirt and oil so it can be washed away. Very mild. .
  • Sodium Lauroyle SarcosinateĀ - Conditions the hair and improves suppleness and sheen even in chemically treated hair. From a natural vegetable source is very mild on hair and skin.
  • Behentrimonium MethosulfateĀ -Derived from canola oil is a conditioner that softens and effectively detangles. Mild enough for babies
  • Potassium CocoateĀ A pure soap from coconut oil provides gentle cleansing, rich lather for squeaky clean hair!
  • Cetyl AlcoholĀ A natural conditioner from coconut oil that moisturizes and improves wet and dry comb out
  • DL PanthenolĀ Plant based vitamin B-5 improves the effects ofĀ hairĀ elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility.Ā Lubricates the follicle and is good on chemically treated hair.
  • Kokum ButterĀ Stimulates the scalp and promotes hair elasticity warding off breakage
  • Cocoa ButterĀ Moisturizes hair and replenishes oil lost in chemical treatments
  • Hydrolyzed Oat ProteinĀ Soften and smoothes hair improving lustre


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