Reusable Folding Tote Bag

E.E. Taschen

🌎About this item:  Say no to single use plastic bags with this foldable tote bag.

💧 How to use: Use as a quick and cute to go bag and to carry your Refill Goodness essentials. Unfold bag from it's pouch to use. To fold back up, take the outsides with the handles and fold into center. Tuck handles in and fold into thirds. Reverse pocket to condense bag. Message us for a video of a tutorial. 


♻️ End of life: Can be donated or deposit in clothing recycle bins.


⭐️ Packaging: This item is crafted from E.E. Taschen and handmade in Medina, Ohio. The tote comes without packaging. 



Type: To Go

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