Planet Reusable Duster

Refill Goodness

Disposable dusters are a thing of the past!

Our washable duster is made from multiple layers of fleece that was either dead stock or once a blanket or pair of pajamas. The static electricity you normally hate when snuggling up in a fleece blanket is perfect for attracting dust bunnies! And once it's dusty, simply remove it from the handle and machine wash and dry with like colors.

These duster heads are made with leftover fabric from our other duster head prints.

The handle is handmade without any metal hardware and comes with a jute loop to hang it. At the end of its useful life, the entire handle is home compostable. Can be purchased as part of a set, or separately in our other listing.

Our dusting heads do work with some leading brand duster handles, but we cannot guarantee it.

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