Menstrual Heavy Pad

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🌎About this item: Reusable menstrual pads help save thousands of feminine care products from ending up in landfill. These pads are all natural and not made with chemicals like their single-use counterpart. All pad liners are made with 100% organic flannel in Akron, Ohio. This liner has four interior inserts and a liner front and back, making 6 layers flannel. The heavy pad is recommended for heaviest flow or through the night. Liner measurements are 10x3.5 inches.

💧 How to use: Lay on underwear and use snap to close the pad around the bottom of the undies. To clean, rinse with cold water and machine launder and dry on any temperature. Liner can be placed in a soaking container until washed to reduce staining. 


♻️ End of life: Pad will last between 3-5 years. Compost at the end of its life. 

Type: Unknown Type

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