Little Lunch Combo

Dalcini Stainless

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🌎About this item: This 3 piece set has been a customer favorite since it was introduced. Use each item separately, or nest them inside one another to create bento-style separation. Great for kids or adults. 
💧 How to use: Use the pieces separately, or place the Little Snacker inside the Bistro Box for a compact, divided lunch.  Dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, freezer-safe.
♻️ End of life:  Talk to us when the time comes - stainless steel has an unlimited lifespan.
⭐️ Ingredients: Made with top-quality non-magnetic food-grade stainless steel without the use of aluminum, plastic, paint, or synthetic dyes or resins, which means it is without BPA or other toxic chemicals, and it will never give off a metallic taste or absorb food odor (even after years of use). Safe. Simple. Sustainable.

Type: Accessories

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