Cloth napkins XL

M&M Squared

🌎 About this item: We can't get over how cute this pattern is Our! Our cloth napkins are the perfect swap for your traditional paper napkins. These are larger than the original! Napkins are single ply 100% cotton flannel. Edges are serged for durability and to prevent fraying. Size is 10"x 10", packaged in packs of 4.

💧 How to use: Use whenever you need a napkin. Machine wash warm with like colors, dry in dryer.

♻️ End of life: Fully compostable. You can always return to Refill Goodness and we'll compost it for you! You can also donate to a local fabric recycling program.

⭐️ Packaging: Handmade by M&M Squared Creations in Lakewood, OH. The packaging on this product can be recycled.

Type: Unknown Type

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