Deepest Love Rollerball Blend

Cocoa Barn

šŸŒŽAbout this item:Ā Cocoa Barn is a sustainable and organic skincare company from Youngstown, Ohio. We love supporting woman and local businesses! Cocoa Barn ingredients are cruelty free and the rollerball blend is vegan.

šŸ’§ How to use: Gently roll onto desired areas such as wrist, neck, behind the ear and the souls of your feet. Store roller away from direct sunlight. Shelf life of roller bottle is 24 months.

ā™»ļø End of life: Packaging made from recycled materials. Return to Refill Goodness for reuse or reuse in your home.


ā­ Ingredients:Ā *fractionated coconut oil, *frankencense seratta essential oil, *egyptianĀ geranium essential oil, *australianĀ sandalwood essential oil


    Type: Unknown Type

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