Hot/Cold Therapy Neck & Shoulder Pack

S.C. Care

🌎About this item: These handmade heat packs are made using all natural ingredients and are reusable and eco-friendly. Therapy packs can be used to provide heat or cold therapy for relief from sore muscles and body aches. The packs are perfectly filled so that they provide a gentle weight and are easily moldable to your unique body shape. Choose from rice or flax filling and from lavender or eucalyptus scent.

  • If you select Flax as a option, this insures a long lasting hot heat due to the natural occurring oils that exist in the seed.
  • If you select Rice as a option, this will give off a steam heat effect due to the rice natural ability to absorb moisture during the heating process. As the pack cools during use, it releases the absorb moisture as a steam heat.

💧 How to use: Warm in the microwave for 60 seconds on each side. Add a cup of water in the microwave to avoid burning seed fill. Carefully remove from microwave and shake heat pack around to disperse the heat evenly. If necessary, microwave in 20 second intervals to achieve the desired temperature. Note: heating times may need to be adjusted based on your microwave wattage. Test for warmth before applying to the area of the body.

  • CAUTION : Please take care when using and heating your heat pack. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Do not leave unattended when microwaving. May cause burns.

For cold therapy freeze the pack in an airtight bag until it is cold and apply to an area on the body.

♻️ End of life:  This has a long shelf life and is meant to be reusable. Contents are compostable and fabric can recycled with fabric recycling program.

⭐️ Packaging:  Packaged simply with a recyclable paper wrap containing instructions for use.

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