Double Edge Safety Razor


🌎 About this item: Ditch disposable razors! Crux razors are USA made and will save thousands of razors from heading to landfill. This durable double edge razor sports a black handle with stainless steel detail and provides a smooth shave. 4" tall and comes with one extra razor blade. 

💧 How to use: The razor will do all of the work. Use light pressure and gently glide across skin. Let dry partially unscrewed to prolong razor's life.  

To replace: Head unscrews from handle to switch out blade. Store finished blades in a hard container and bring them back to Refill Goodness to recycle properly. Find replacement blades here.

♻️ End of life: This safety razor should last many years. However it can always be returned to Refill Goodness for proper recycling.

⭐️ Packaging: This item comes without packaging.


Type: Unknown Type

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