Lotion- Lavender Lemon


🌎About this item: The fresh scent of lemon and the clean scent of lavender come together in this creamy moisturizing lotion. STEM uses premium oils that your skin will love, without parabens, phenols or sulphates. The lotion is preserved using an all natural blend which offers a broad spectrum protection accepted as a preservative in certified organic products. As an added benefit, it also conditions and tones your skin. STEM lotion is thick and creamy and delivers the moisture you should expect from a premium handmade lotion.

💧 How to use: Use liberally to help combat dry skin and leave behind a light fragrance.

♻️ End of life: This is a bulk refill item and will be delivered in a Refill Goodness Reusable Container that can be refilled, returned or recycled.

⭐ Ingredients: Made in Ohio at STEM Soaps

  • Water, Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cetearyl Olivate/Sorbitan Olivate, Shea Butter, Stearic Acid, Gluconolactome/Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate, Vitamin E.

Refill price is $1.60/oz. Please email refillgoodness@gmail.com for additional sizes and refill purchases.

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Type: Body Care

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